Elspec Equalizer

The EQUALIZER is the world’s fastest real-time power quality enhancement system

The EQUALIZER optimizes all power quality factors
and more, for a variety of dynamic fast changing balanced, unbalanced & single phase loads.
The EQUALIZER features electronic switching of 5-20 Milliseconds @ 50 Hz, transient-free switching, voltage support,
harmonic ltration, icker & current spike reduction.

EQ Applications

Improve Welding Quality & Reduce Scrap/Reprocessing, Increase Production Output, Reduce Voltage Flickering, Stabilize the Network Voltage, Optimize the Use of your Existing Power Structure, Reduce Maintenance Costs.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Reduce Cleanup Costs, Raw Material Losses & Loss of Production, Improve Consistency & Quality of Product, Avoid Plastic Cooling Inside Machinery, Stabilize Voltage & Current Levels Cycle-X-Cycle.

Harbor Cranes

Stabilize Voltage Fluctuations, Reduce Currents, Smaller Service Installations (Less Cable = Reduced Heat), Reduce System Losses, Save Energy.

Electric Trains

Provide Voltage Support to the Distribution Network, Stabilize Network Power, Compensate for Both Inductive & Capacitive Loads, Prevent Low Power Factor Penalties, Minimize System Losses & Maintenance Costs, Increase Network Loading Capabilities

Hospitals, High-Rise & vvOther Commercial Buildings

Stabilize the Facility Load, Highly Reliable System - High MTBF Value & Maintenance-Free, Increase Life Expectancy of Sensitive Equipment, Reduce Maintenance Costs

Wind Energy

Voltage Control Feature that ensures the Wind Farm Meets Grid Code Compliance, Unique Design that can be Suited to the Wind Turbine’s Internal Structure, Central & Individual Compensation Solution for the whole Wind Farm, Central Dynamic Control System According to Specfi¬c Conditions , Guarantee Consistency of Power Supply, Control Power Factor Automatically & Completely, Worldwide Installations over 1000 Units with Leading Wind Turbine Manufacturers in the Industry


Real-Time Compensation Increase Generation Operation, Increase Usable Power, Reduce Fuel Consumption, Program Power Factor Individually based on Generator’s Operation Mode, Utility & Local Generator, Reduce Costs of Multiple Generators in Tadem Usage, Minimize / Downsize Generator Installations

Marine Vessels

Increase Usable Power, Reduce the Vessel’s Fuel Consumption, Minimize/Downsize Generator Installations, Stabilize the Voltage, Reduce System Losses, Filter & Prevent PQ Distortions & Events, Reduce Maintenance Costs, Benefit¬t from Real-Time Power Factor Compensation, Stable & Reliable System – High MTBF Value that is Maintenance-Free, Modular Design, Adaptable to any Customized Vessel’s Structure, Increase Reliability & Life Expectancy of Sensitive Equipment On-Board (Electronics/NAV etc.)

The Controller

  • Technology based on digital signal processor (DSP) component
  • Full-graphic, 160×128 pixels screen LCD display
  • Long-lasting LED backlighting with FSTN technology
  • Analog and digital circuitry
  • Precise ring algorithms
  • Optional communication capabilities.
  • Several conguration options
  • Easy-to-use setup programs with various measurements
  • Advanced control algorithm, with unique patent-pending technology
  • 9 input channels: 4 voltages (for Wye networks), 3 main currents and 2 internal system currents

Switching module

  • The switching module is comprised of solid-state switching elements that provide reliable, high-speed transient-free operation.
  • Single, double or three-phase electronic switches, SCR/SCR or SCR/diode are used for each capacitor group
  • Switching modules are specically selected for each equalizer system based on the number of overall capacitor groups,
    current requirements and voltage rating


Cabinet Options

  • Protection class upgrades (IP/NEMA)
  • Top-mounted fan unit and lters
  • Lockable fuse indication
  • Magnetic door lock
  • Top cable supports
  • Lifting eyes bolts
  • Pad-lock entry

Cabinet Design

  • Each equalizer system IP20/NEMA1 cabinet is made of steel sheet, with an epoxy powder coated gray (RAL 7032).

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