Power Quality Smart Phone Application

Power Quality Solutions

Device Connection

Connect directly to any BlackBox device to view real time data and device configuration

Server Connection

Connect the App to PQSCADA Sapphire enterprise server to view real time data, event notification and system alerts

Push Notification

Notify any power quality event or system error with push notifications

Map View

View all connected devices on a live geographical map

Grid View

RMS, THD, Powers and Harmonics real time data display in a tabular view

Phasor View

Display real time phase angle and amplitude values on a vector diagram

Power Quality Events

Display detailed information, chart and report for Dip, swell, interruption, RVC and transient events

Spectrum View

Display real time values of voltage and current harmonics up-to the 20th

Event Notifications

  • PQ event list
  • System event list
  • Push notifications
  • Event details and chart
  • Report attachment

Real Time View

  • Grid view – RMS, THD, Powers and Harmonics
  • Phasor view – 3 phase voltage and current phase angle and amplitude
  • Spectrum view – voltage and current up-to the 20thharmonics