Power quality is a big concern for utilities, industries, commercial and infrastructure segments. Billions of Euros in revenue are lost each year as a result of power quality issues that cause hours of downtime, lost productivity and, possibly, the need to repair or replace equipment prematurely and lead to higher energy bills. With the right diagnosis and treatment, both utilities and consumers can alleviate power quality issues.

Voltage Optimization

  • Stabilization of voltage instability caused by rapid variation loads
  • Transformer stepping down to optimized entry voltage level

Current Reduction

  • Copper losses (I2R) reduction using real time dynamic reactive power compensation system

Harmonics Filtration

  • Voltage and current harmonics reduction by installing¬†custom-designed reactors tuned to the 5th or the 5th and 7th harmonics

Substantial Savings

Substantial savings can be achieved when the following parameters of load exist:

  • Continuous consumption of electrical energy for plants operating 24/7
  • Rapid load variation causing voltage fluctuation
  • Transformer tapping: can be reduced in one or two steps with the voltage reduction option, using tap changer
  • Load characterized by high level of harmonics

Using sophisticated high power quality analyzers capable of measuring, recording, and storing continuously in a high resolution of A-Class standard.

Advanced sophisticated and reliable report calculating accurately energy savings and its effects on the network.

Current reduction, Harmonics reduction, Voltage stabilization

Analysis of energy consumption before & after solution implementation.

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