Data & Medical Centres

As medical equipment continues to become more sophisticated and susceptible to variations in electrical supply, power quality becomes an increasingly important consideration for medical service providers.  Whether simply requiring a power factor correction system or a complete power quality solution, Elspec technologies are being selected as the answer for both present and future requirements in these facilities.

Elspec’s Equalizer is the world’s fastest transient-free power factor correction system, able to work in tandem with emergency power generation systems and reduce the overall installed cost of the localized energy generation and distribution system for medical centers.  This solution provides for all reactive energy requirements each network cycle, reduces voltage flicker, filters harmonics, controls voltage levels and boosts service utilization throughout a facility.

The Activar solution provides transient-free, full power factor correction system in just a few seconds.  Along with extending the life of the entire compensation system, this Elspec technology also enables customers to filter harmonics and save energy while monitoring all network power parameters through the built-in power quality analyzer.

Einstein Hospital

Elspec Activar Improves Power Quality at Albert Einstein Hospital

LG’s Internet Center

EG4K Making a Difference at LG's Internet Data centre in South-Korea