ESTA PQS serves many areas of the commercial market, providing power quality solutions, energy savings and power factor correction to a large number of commercial users and applications.

Elspec Equalizer is the world’s fastest transient-free power factor compensation system. It compensates all required reactive energy in 2/3 of network cycle (typical), minimizes voltage drop, reduces voltage flicker, act as a harmonic filter and enhance service utilization.

EAs the world’s fastest transient-free power factor correction system, Elspec’s Equalizer is the ideal solution for elevator and local power generation system applications in residential and commercial high rise buildings.  Our systems compensate for all reactive energy requirements each network cycle, reduce voltage flicker, and much more.

All types of electric motor generators can benefit from power factor compensation provided by the Equalizer. Further, the Equalizer is the only power factor correction equipment approved for connection by electrical motor generator manufacturers.

As medical equipment continues to become more sophisticated and susceptible to variations in electrical supply, power quality becomes an increasingly important consideration for medical service providers. Whether simply requiring a power factor correction system or a complete power quality solution, Elspec technologies are being selected as the answer for both present and future requirements in these facilities.